Washing and re-using old media.

Looking after the environment is very important to us.

We advocate where possible the cleaning for re-use of existing media using our specially developed cutting edge equipment.
The advantages of this are significant:

  • Vastly reduced transport requirement preserving fossil fuels, reducing pollution, reducing disruption to the local area associated with multiple lorry movements, improved safety on site.
  • Recycling a product that may otherwise go to Landfill.
  • Significant cost savings.
  • Ticks the environmental sustainability box.
  • Plastic filter media can be removed and taken to our recycling facility to be re-used as products for the construction industry.
Our advanced water filtration media cleaning service is a cleaning solution that is both environmentally sustainable and also helps to reduces costs of removing and replacing water filtration media.







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bagnall construction machinery 2
bagnall example
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